OtaHoas Use Request Generator

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OtaHoas spaces and resources are only for OtaHoas tenants.
The use requester must be present when the use is scheduled to begin. If the use requester isn't present when the use is scheduled to begin, the use request is forfeited.
If you are late and notify about it in advance, the volunteer serving you can relax the timings to your advantage according to their own will.
Send the generated request only to the correct mailing list.
Your reservation is accepted only when confirmed on the mailing list. If you don't get a reply, there is no reservation.

Check otahoas.fi/calendar before sending a use request.

Volunteers try to respond 7-4 days before the requested date and time. Volunteers always have 48 hours to respond to any requests. Reservations are not accepted for the same, the next or the day after, but shared use is possible.

Resource is given / space is opened for the user, the user does not get a key.

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The days and times in your request are interpreted to happen in Finland. All dates and times must be in Finnish time format.

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